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What Is A Karen Meme Freak Outs and Videos [2023 Edition]

Karen Pejorative

What Are The Best Karen Memes of 2023

That is right, Karen is back and she is meaner than ever in 2023. The funniest part about the latest karen memes and karen freakout videos is that it doesn’t matter if you are left or right. No one is off limits in 2023 when it comes to “Calling Someone a Karen“. I have had plenty of karens on our disc golf course lately as well.

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I almost sold this site and then thought how sad I would be if I didn’t have this site when the 2023 karens come out to play LOL!!! I can’t let this site go and I can’t wait until you see the new content that will be VERY HARD to miss! Karen

The best karen memes of 2023 are still in the works. Yes, we are in the new year BUT there is so much that can go wrong and hopefully a ton that will go RIGHT! One thing that I have seen since being fascinated with the viral karen trend is that it can relate to so many UNRELATED events in life.

It can be looked at as someone who thinks everyone is wrong about everything. Others see Karens as a psycho right wing female who feels that everyone is out to steal her purse, her dog and even her life LOL.

No matter why you love the karen memes, I am just happy you are here to share in it with me.

What Is A Karen According To Dictionary.com

The term “karen” is a pejorative term for a very annoying, never wrong, extremely entitled person who tends to be a middle-aged white woman (there are many shades of karens in 2023).

What is a Karen has changed in 2023 compared to 2022 because “Karens” can be found in Democratic ( left ) and Republican ( right ) groups and hard to tell apart.


Wikipedia has a similar meaning when I looked up “What Is A Karen Mean” ( not sure why they have the google search like that LOL ) and what they show is the following description. The main difference I see between the meanings is if they mention the racism slant to the term versus other websites and descriptions simply stating that a karen is just a “holier than though and never wrong” versus being racist at all.

I do think that people need to get off the race card and lets let the karen meme a perfect all encompassing description of someone who for some reason CAN’T mind their own business and CAN’T stop until they get their opinion in the mix because it is impossible for them to ever be wrong.

Karen Haircuts of 2023

The sad thing for me is, I used to really like the karen haircut and honestly it looks great on so many females ( odds are some men too! who knows nowadays LOL ). It obviously has gotten a bit overblown BUT it will keep the real deal karens focused so they can do what they do best -FREAKOUT!!!!

We can hopefully get things back to normal and let the ladies that want this haircut (MINUS the negative view or assumption) can start rocking it again.

Best Karen Memes For 2023 And Beyond

The best karen means for 2023 are listed below. I have almost 100 in total and more will be added as I continue to locate them online as well as make them myself. If you have a great karen meme idea that isn’t currently online or listed below PLEASE POST A COMMENT with your suggestion, idea or link to the image so I can check it out.

Do not forget to bookmark this page because new memes will be posted daily or more often depending on the current events of the world whether economically, politically or socially.






Best Karen Video Freak Out Compilations of 2023

Now that 2023 is upon us the list of the best karen video freak out compilations from 2022 needs to be updated. Feel free to share any and all karen videos you see here on your social media. Let’s get people smiling in the new year.



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